Shetland Heat Energy and Power
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Tariff Increase

For the first time in four years, due to increased cost pressures, we will be imposing a below-inflation increase in our tariffs from 1st April 2018.

The standard tariff will increase by 5% from 6.6p per kWh to 6.9p, and the standing charge will increase from £100 per annum to £105.

Pre-payment tariffs will be adjusted by the same cash value as standard tariffs, 0.3p, increasing from 8.1p per kWh to 8.4p.

The board of SHEAP is committed to providing a cost-effective supply to our customers. In setting this increase, the first since 2014, we have endeavoured to keep the rise below inflation over the same period, which was 9%.

Posted 1 April 2018