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Shetland Heat Energy & Power Ltd - Lerwick's District Heating Scheme

Shetland Heat Energy & Power Ltd (SHEAP) has been in operation since 1998.  We are one of the largest and longest running heat networks in operation in Scotland to date.  We use hot water created from un-recyclable waste to heat approximately 1230 domestic properties and commercial and public buildings around Lerwick including schools, care homes, the leisure centre and the Gilbert Bain Hospital.

The Energy Recovery Plant burns domestic and commercial waste from Shetland, Orkney which would otherwise be sent to landfill.  The hot  water produced is pumped to our plant - the Peak Load Boiler Station (PLBS).  We then pump this around Lerwick through the underground, insulated pipes into properties through a heat exchanger meeting all heating and hot water needs while providing a clean, green, sustainable source of heating and hot water.

We are proud to provide a service to the community that also assists in the reduction of fuel poverty and decarbonisation of Scotland.

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Operational News

The Lerwick District Heating scheme is running as normal.

Customers please note, we are currently experiencing issues with our online payments.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

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